Drift Day Regulation



Gates open: 8:00am

Scrutineering: 8:15am

Drivers Briefing: 8:45am

Drifting starts: 9:00am

Drifting finished: 4:00pm

Gates close: 5:00pm





Seats fixed properly, seat belt checks, tow hooks

no oil/fluid leaks, secure battery mounts,

no loose objects in the car, secured panels,

cars must have tail lights / working brake lights. 



No Semi-slicks to be on the rear of any vehicle 

Maximum 95db of exhaust noise

All drivers and passengers must have basic overalls, covered shoes and full face helmets

Drivers are only allowed 2 people to accompany them

All fluid leaks will have to be fixed before driving on track


All drivers wanting to tandem must have a cage, Harnesses and bucket seat

Tandems are only allowed during Tandem sessions

All drivers must use the supplied ply wood under their jacks or axle stands

No static burnouts

No initial grass bill but there will be penalty’s for excessive grass damage
No dumping of Rubbish or Tyres
Passengers are allowed only in cars cages with fixed bucket seats and harnesses
No Wof or Reg is required but a basic level of safety is expected of the vehicle 
No skids/burnouts in the pit or on pit lane
Media is allowed if previously discussed with the track
All on track Media will have to be cleared by the track and

they MUST have a high vis at all times and will be advised on where they can and cannot be
No standing on the wall
No standing on the dirt banks
No Drugs / Alcohol to be present or consumed at the track